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Bladder and Urinary Problems – Healing with Alternative Medicines

Modern medicine does not always agree with alternative solutions to the conventional, 21st century approach to healing that doctors and hospitals regularly use.

This is because medical doctors are largely taught that synthetic pharmacy is the most effective way to treat many physical and mental health problems.Additionally, modern medicine is focused on the idea of healing problems after they develop, and not preventing them.

Alternative, natural, home-based remedies often help reduce or eliminate symptoms, and sometimes prevent future problems from developing as well. Many alternate healing remedies work to keep health problems from arising in the first place, and also treat a number of conditions, by turning on your body's own healing power. In other words, they stimulate your immune system, your physiological line of defense against illness and disease.

Some natural remedies which are alternatives to modern medicine can be used to effectively treat urinary and bladder problems.

Treating Urinary Tract Infections Naturally

UTIs are infections of the bladder and urinary system. This condition develops when unhealthy, "bad" bacteria grows inside your bladder. Your bladder, your stomach and other parts of your body are home to populations of "good" bacteria that promote positive health and well-being.

Sometimes though, this positive bacteria can be overpowered by infectious bacteria which can lead to an infection of your urinary tract. UTIs are most common to women, and if you develop a urinary tract infection, you are likely to have a re-occurrence in the future.

Antibiotics are often prescribed by your doctor for treating UTIs. Levaquin and Septra are two examples of brand name medicines used to manage UTI symptoms, and prevent complications like kidney disease from developing. On the natural side of the treatment coin, simply drinking lots of fluids could help clear up the condition.

Foods with probiotics provide an alternative answer to medication when a UTI develops. In the Indian Journal of Urology, research has been presented that shows the promotion of healthy bacterial flora in the gut leads to fewer cases of urinary tract infections and other similar problems.

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi, kefir and kombucha are rich in UTI-fighting probiotics.

In cases where urinary tract infections are recurring, cranberry juice has been proven to lower the number of incidences. Garlic is another natural UTI preventive and treatment method, due to its high levels of antimicrobial and antibacterial components.

Incontinence, Overactive Bladder and Other Non-UTI Bladder Problems

Some people just can't seem to "go" when they need to. Others have an overactive bladder, and may suffer incontinence, or an involuntary releasing of the bladder contents. There are also natural, alternative treatment methods for these bladder health issues which are not urinary tract infections.

Losing weight is a good start to returning your bladder to normal health. This means eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water. Acupuncture has proven successful for treating a number of bladder problems, and getting more magnesium in your diet may also help.

Potatoes, corn and bananas have high levels of magnesium, or you can add a daily supplement to your diet. Hypnotherapy, cutting back on caffeine and herbal remedies with dandelion, soy extract, green tea extract and saw palmetto are all natural ways to help return your bladder to normal functionality.

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