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Want to find a home? – Get help from Housing Coordination services

As a senior citizen, it is really difficult to live by yourself. In most cases, even it is difficult to complete the day-to-day household activities. It is difficult to live alone after retirement, and that’s why to help them, a housing coordination service is developed and implemented for the senior citizens. The housing coordination service is a program that is funded by federal Medicaid dollars. We continue to provide services for the well-being of people over the years. 

We are the trusted and proven site that helps hundreds of people. We work with each and every people to fulfill their needs and requirements. We listen to those people and try to understand what they need! We have worked in this industry over the years, and this is what makes us trusted by the people.

The housing coordination service is designed to help adults with disabilities. This service is especially for those who are undergoing the disabilities like Brain Injury, CAC, or DD waiver. We help people for locating their housing and for packaging, moving their belongings. 

We also deliver the right services for developing and maintaining the budgets and negotiating and meeting with the landlords for the property staff. Our expert staff will help with Completing the rental application and lease agreements. This program is funded by the medical assistant who wants to help each and every people and here is what this service does to help people:

  • Through this program, we create a budget for them

  • Understand what the moving cost will be and find the funding deposits 

  • We understand the rental process as well as the process of lease

  • We apply for the houses that will be affordable to you in your desired locations

  • We keep your housing maintained and also deal with the navigating issues

  • Through this program, you will also receive the disability services 

  • You can also apply for the financial assistance programs

  • We also provide transitional services


Are you eligible to join this program?

  • The program is designed for the people going through the disability

  • People who need medical assistance

  • People who have instability of housing

  • In this program, the waivers can also join including DD, CADI, EW, BI, and EW

Contact our housing services online

Do you want to get the services? Are you qualifying all the above criteria to join this service? If you are, you can come to us! We have been helping people over the years, and till now, almost more than hundreds of people received help from us! If you have any housing-related issues, you can contact the team of our housing coordination services. We can help you virtually through mail and calls. We have executives who are friendly and make you comfortable with their conversation.

Overall we provide the housing assistance service to all those people who are undergoing disabilities and receiving medical assistance services. We assist people with housing search and also assist them in meeting their financial needs. 

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