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How Effective is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a psychological or Behavioral Health Treatment service that is performed to address a range of problems which includes depression, anxiety disorders, panic issues, alcohol or drug addictions, traumatic experiences, eating disorders, and various mental illnesses. This treatment has come to the mainstream medical application due to its significant influence on achieving a better quality of life.

Various medical researches have also shown that demonstration of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is more effective than much other psychological therapy and over many other medications prescribed by psychiatric. This therapy mostly involves the patient's change of thinking patterns. Let's get to know how effective this treatment can be.

The Working Mechanism of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The general idea of cognitive behavioral therapy is that a human being is an irrational individual who can take many adverse decisions and make an illogical choice of works or words in order to assess various risk and beneficial factors of various situations the patient encounters and their behavioral actions and thoughts.

In some cases, the patient's emotions can go out of control, such as anger and depression. Without treatment, this can make the patients' cases severe and complex. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Louisville can be effective for many psychologically complex issues such as OCD, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and an eating disorder, etc.

The objective of this treatment system is to help patients who are suffering psychologically, can learn better techniques to cope with their issues and relieve the symptoms improving their quality of life. The therapist helps the patient to recognize and admit to their distorting thinking pattern and assess their thinking pattern in reality.

The patient can gain a better understanding of their behavior and utilize the problem-tackling skills to cope with such situations. The cognitive-behavioural therapist has to have appropriate experience to make the treatment successful. They must have good communication skills and adequate personalities, so the patient can trust them to talk out their inner thoughts.

The Psychotherapy treatment process can only be effective when the patient and the therapist can work together to discuss the psychological issues and analyze the reasoning behind the patient's thinking or behavior. Then the patient and the therapist can work together to make changes in the thinking pattern.

Cognitive behavioral therapy would be considered effective when the patient starts to experience less negative emotions and the issue becomes less chronic. Researches have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy has been providing significant advantages in treating depressions, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, resulting in a significantly lower rate of suicide and self-infected injurious case.

Things to Consider Before Starting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Credentials of the Therapist

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be performed by many professionals such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and other psychological health practitioners. In order to perform an effective cognitive behavioral therapy in Louisville, the therapist must have years of training and complete their education with adequate major to perform the treatment.

This therapy can be professionally practised without having any practical training. Thus, before you make your first appointment with the cognitive behavioral therapy practitioners, check on their professional and educational background. Visit their website to check out their certification and to license and make sure they meet all the requirements of which discipline they are practising in. Look for a skilled therapist who meets the needs of which type of therapy you need.

  • Consider the Pricing Factor

Before you undergo any treatment session, make sure to consider the pricing factor of the fellow therapy. There is no certainty how many therapy sessions your treatment case would require. So it's wise to determine the cost of every appointment, so you can estimate your budget on whether you can afford it or not.

It would be beneficial for you if you had health insurance, then you would not have to pay the entire bill out of your pocket. However, you should find a cognitive behavioral therapy facility that comes in your insurance network. Thus, be sure to discuss the fees and payment options with the therapist before making your first appointment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective when it's combined with other treatment programs like taking medications etc. Always use medications that are prescribed by a certified cognitive behavioral therapist. Buying just any over-the-counter drugs can have a drastic impact on your psychological case.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a collaborative effort that both the patient and the therapist must put. Thus, before you go on your first appointment, you should think about what is the problem you are seeking the treatment for. You must be true to your feelings while experiencing concerns; learn and implement the therapist's advice accordingly.

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