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Individual and Group Therapy Advantages and Disadvantages

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Individual & Group therapy treatment is a form of psychology that helps people cure a range of problems in their life, for instance, relationship problems, anxiety, addictive behaviors, suboxone recovery, depression, bipolar disorder, and OCD. There are so many approaches in this therapy, including behavioral activation, cognitive behavioral analysis system of Psychotherapy, etc. Some key characteristics of these therapies are-

a) Time-limited and Brieferf

b) Based upon the Cognitive model of emotional response

c) Stoic philosophy

d) Collaborative effort between the client and therapist

e) Directive & Structured

f) Inductive Method

All over the world, there are numerous centers where you can visit to get the best Individual & Group Therapy treatment. Let’s check out what is individual & group therapy treatment.

Individual Therapy

If we talk about individual therapy, it is a therapeutic situation wherein an individual gets a therapeutic process from at least one therapist. Such professional is well trained to use the therapy including a family counsellor, social worker, psychologist, marriage, etc.


Below are a few benefits of taking individual therapy:

  • In individual therapy, therapists keep the clients’ issues confidential

  • Get one-on-one attention from the therapists that let them understand what is your specific problem

  • Comprehensive & more intense level of treatment and analysis as compared to group therapy

  • Tailored therapy as per specific client

  • Developing self-awareness by discussing issues as well as taking feedback from the therapists


  • More Expensive than group therapy

  • Need more motivation that you can’t get in individual therapy

Group Therapy

As its name implies, group therapy can be defined as having more clients for treatment with at least one therapist. When it comes to size, it may vary and totally depends upon group therapy type. However, the researchers recommend having at least 6 to 12 clients in a group.


  • With group therapy, you can ensure that you are not alone and many people have similar problems.

  • For those who are seeking support from others, opting for group therapy is a good option.

  • Enhance your socialization and communication skills

  • Learn how to accept criticism from other people

  • Cost-effective than individual therapy


  • Confidentiality is not secured in group therapy

  • No Focus on attention

  • Meeting at a specific time

  • Not perfect for those who are passive-aggressive, impulsive, shy, and psychotic?

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